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Company: Nokia India


Designation : Technical Specialist

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


  • Strong Programming skills
  • Must be a top tier java J2EE developer with extensive experience writing code from the database up to the web tier.  You are expected to understand typical web deployment architecture components and how your features interact with them (DB/Web Server/Clustering/Networking).
  • Must have experience and internal working knowledge of Spring 5.x+ (core, web, security, jmx) 
  • Must have a deep understanding of the libraries/APIs chosen for past products, and be able to explain your design choices. 
  • Must have demonstrated examples of identifying performance problems and providing solutions to them.  Knowledge of the java memory model and diagnostic tools such as those provided by the JVM is required. 
  • Must be comfortable navigating a Linux command line to do basic file manipulation and maintenance tasks.  Knowledge of bash scripting is a plus.
  • Working experience with Cloud technologies like OpenStack, Amazon Web Services is a plus.
  • Knowledge of container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes is helpful. 
  • Preference given to candidates with knowledge of JBoss 7.X+,   Hibernate 5.x+, templating engines (Velocity/Freemarker), and Oracle database (custom PLSQL, database design/monitoring/query performance tuning).


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