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Company: Classplus (Online classes )


As a developer at Classplus, you will use cutting edge technologies to create an amazing, customer-focused SaaS product. We are a customer-first company. What it means is you will not only be responsible for “how to develop it ?”, but also “Why are we developing this”. All of us have been students, most of us have been to tuitions. You need to think as a tutor, student and parent first and then as a developer.

You will be extensively working with cross-functional teams. The best products in the world are built by exchanging ideas. We believe collaborations always refines approach and optimizes the product technically. Agile > Scrum 🙂

You will be taking ownership of the features assigned right from estimating timelines to production release. You will be responsible for making sure your technical solutions are scalable. Your code should be robust and clean open to extension.

Basic Requirement:

Technology: Expertise JavaScript (ES 5 & ES 6), Expertise in React.js or Angular.js 2+, Familiarity with server-side framework like Node.js

Experience- 2 – 4 years

Education- Graduate from Tier 1 Institute.


  • Contribute ideas to product and transform them into deploy-able features

  • Conduct small POCs with product features before rolling out to customers

  • Accelerate the time from idealization of a product feature to production

  • Deploy new features and iterate on improvements.

  • Give and receive code reviews

Ultimately, you will be working in a start-up environment, so you need to brace yourself to operate outside of traditional role definitions.

About Classplus

6 out of 10 coaching institutes are unable to expand themselves. So we at Classplus decided to empower these coaching institutes making them digitally enabled to compete with e-learning giants and be a part of the evolving world of e-learning.

We are a vertical SaaS platform for coaching institutes  providing them with simplified intuitive technology solutions. We have built a comprehensive coaching center management system to help them grow & manage their business more efficiently.

In two years, we have over 10000+ tutors on board across India.


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